Travelling Irrigators
Travelling Irrigator - Water Winch

Water Winch

Four-Wheel Stance: Solid construction with wide wheel track and high crop clearance.

Automotive type steering ensures excellent tracking ability.

Pivoting front axle adjusts to suit uneven terrain.

Piston Drive: Machine is fitted with a double acting piston drive which is manufactured from Gunmetal and Stainless Steel.

The control valve is similar construction and is actuated mechanically.

This design has the minimum of moving parts and gives simple, trouble-free and reliable service.

Other Features: Chassis is of heavy construction which makes the machine very robust and able to support the feature of high crop clearance.

All machine parts are of heavy duty design i.e.

  • Pawl and ram bolts
  • Cable drum shaft
  • Rocker arm shaft
  • Hose reel spool shaft
  • Front axle pivot pin

These high stress points are also fitted with heavy duty bearings.

Hose reel is horizontally mounted and fitted with a clutch and adjustable hose reel brake. It is driven from the P.T.O. by a gearbox through sprockets and roller chain.

Filter: Inline full flow filter is fitted to protect valve and ram from sand particles.

The filter can be flushed during operation.

Protection: All main machine parts are galvanized or plated before assembly.


Travelling Irrigator - Turbo Winch

Turbo Winch

Four-Wheel Stance: Solid stability contributes to the irrigators’ tracking ability. Automotive-type steering mechanism further assists straight tracking ability. Robust construction; easily attached to towing vehicle; no jack needed to support draw bar. Pivoting front axle adjusts to uneven terrain.

Exclusive Radial Inflow Turbine: Specifically designed for travelling irrigator requirements. Delivers high torque at low RPMs; especially efficient when under load. Full power available when most needed—near end of run. Simple one-man operation. Requires no sophisticated filtration. Few wearing parts for long durability, simplified maintenance.

Industrial Type 4-Speed Gearbox: Speed of travel to suit the crop can be easily selected. Extremely flexible speed range.

Drive Clutch: Automatically engages when water is turned on. No need to return to irrigator for adjustments after positioning machine.

Travel Shut-off Mechanism: Simple valve automatically shuts off water supply to turbine and engages disc brake at end of run. No creeping after shutdown.

Hose Reel Drive Release: Manually disengage drive for easy hose layout.

P.T.O. Connections At Front: Hose purge and hose wind-up operations are carried out from the towing position. This means machine anchorage and convenience of operation.

Integrally-Mounted Horizontal Hose Reel: Reel is always with the irrigator, ready to retrieve hose at end of run.

Compact: Easy to operate, heavy tubular steel spool. When winding up, reel accepts hose at a wide variety of angles.

Purging Unit: Standard equipment on the travelling irrigator. High capacity and low pressure provide a highly effective means of purging hose of water before wind up. Utilises a splined shaft to fit the power take-off shaft from operator’s tractor.


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