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CropX Agronomic Farm Management System

CropX Soil Moisture Sensor

Activating the power of Technology for Agriculture

Digital farming solutions enable a future of food security on a healthy and thriving planet.

Changing how we farm, on every farm, starts by delivering powerful agronomic value with

solutions that are simple to use.




CropX Soil Moisture Sensor
CropX Agronomic Farm Management System is an easy to use integrated hardware and software system that connects farm data, real time conditions and agronomic knowledge to provide guidance for successful and sustainable farming, while aggregating all agronomic farm data in one place for easy tracking and sharing.
CropX Soil Moisture Sensor
CropX System aggregates data from in and around the farm and transforms it into useful information to help farmers monitor the health of fields and crops.
The information is easy to access and provides a holistic overview of field conditions.
CropX Soil Moisture Sensor
Insights and advice for performing irrigation, disease, nutrition and effluent management activities help users minimize the use of inputs while maximizing yields.
It’s so clear that you don’t even need agronomic expertise to achieve great results
Whether you want to reduce inputs, or ensure your yields are protected from disease, CropX System offers a complete agronomic farm management solution for you.
Know exactly what your plant needs and when.

How does the CropX Soil Moisture Sensor Work?

Data from below the ground is essential for providing accurate and predictable agronomic insights. Using sensors to capture data enables CropX to generate recommendations on what a plant needs before it starts showing stress.

  • The unique spiral design of the soil sensor improves accuracy of soil data readings
  • Built-in telemetry and power source eliminates the need for an extra device
  • Can be installed in less than 5 minutes


CropX collects, transforms, and activates complex data sets:

  • Tested and validated proprietary crop models
  • Machine data automatically imported through API connection
  • Soil data, weather, topography, satellite data, and more
  • Quickly access key information and clear agronomic insights


A Simple, Yet Powerful Dashboard:

  • Customizable view for easy access to relevant data
  • Ability to manage thousands of fields from one dashboard
  • In-app communication between connected users and fields



Maximise Yields, Save Time and Money, Increase Sustainability

Field Data Management

Know to grow

CropX aggregates real time data to help farmers monitor the health of fields and crops.

Irrigation Planning

Use every drop wisely

Know exactly when and how much water to apply. Save water and avoid crop stress.

Disease Control

Protect crops

Optimise spray timing by knowing exactly when, where and what to apply.  Save costs while maximising protection.

Nutrition Monitoring

Soil supports growth

Control costs while maximizing yields with this first-of-its-kind solution for continuously monitoring salinity and nitrogen leaching.

Effluent Irrgation

A problem into an asset

Allows farmers to turn animal waste into an asset that grows their pastures and crops while minimising runoff and leaching.

Farm Data Connectivity

Connect the dots

Connect thousands of data points from sources on and around the farm onto one platform.


Tracking and Reporting

Simplify traceability

With a click of a button, CropX will compile data in a report format for easy and comprehensive review.


CropX Soil Moisture Sensor
CropX Soil Moisture Sensor
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CropX Soil Moisture Sensor
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