Since 1970, Rodney Industries has offered a wide range of high quality products and services to the irrigation and mining industries.  Through their retailers and merchants around Australia and New Zealand, Rodney Industries are renowned for their expertise in producing quality products.


In late 2007, Rodney Industries joined Vinidex, one of Australia’s leading pipe and fittings supplier.  With the combined experience and resources, Rodney Industries will continue to grow and provide high quality systems and solutions.


Built tough to withstand the harsh Australian environment, Rodney’s sets the standard in Footvalves and Channel Gates.   We supply a complete range of pump fittings, check valves, tapers, bends and flanges.
Our range of Polyethylene fittings include poly footvalves, sweep bends, floats, suction lines, electrofusion fittings, stub flanges and the Maxi Stub. 
Hard Hose or Soft Hose.   Turbine, Piston or engine drive.  Fixed boom, folding boom or gun.   Rodney’s has the widest range of irrigators available on the market today. Our focus on energy and water efficiency guarantees you the most economical solutions from our entire range.
We pride ourselves on being able to manufacture to our customer’s specifications.  We manufacture a product that is of the highest quality whilst ensuring it maintains an ease of application. All in all, this means that with our patented technology we provide answers that no one else can.
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