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GPS-Fleet Management for your Irrigation Equipment

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  • Using raindancer you are able to monitor and to control the irrigation from your Smartphone or PC. You get real time information at a glance.
  • If necessary, take control using your smartphone or pc. 
  • Using raindancer is very easy and available for every irrigation machine.
  • Enjoy your new freedom with improved time management.
  • Raindancer is easy to use and set up.
What can it do?
  • Information at a Glance
  • Handling Malfunctions
  • Dispatching and Scheduling Relocations
  • Team Management
  • Remote Control
  • Documentation
  • Know when your machines will finish
  • Monitor each machine’s status and water pressure
  • Improved fault detection and notification
  • Save time
  • Improved planning of water application
  • Irrigate more efficiently
  • Save money

What are the Benefits of a Raindancer® system?


At any time, display the maps or the list of machines on your smartphone or pc.  Machine location, water application, current water pressure and finish time.


Irrigation machines can be started and stopped from anywhere.  If it starts to rain or it is too hot at noon - just stop from your smartphone.    The speed can be adjusted automatically according to stored soil conditions.


If the machine does not move or the pressure is too low, too high, a text message is sent.  Also, upon entering critical zones - e.g. roads or railway lines on impact edge you will be notified via SMS.


Irrigation runs are shown with detailed information and colour coordinated - planning your next irrigation movements.


Start and stop pumps via smartphone.  In irrigation pipelines, Raindancer automatically switches the pumps on and off.  If you have a frequency controlled pump, Raindancer can adjust the parameters dynamically.


All data about your irrigation is saved in a database automatically.  It is permanently available - reports produced showing water application by hosereel, field or crop.  Data may be exported to MS Excel and processed there.