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Briggs Booms

Briggs Irrigation Booms

The Briggs range of mounted booms provide efficient, accurate and uniform water distribution while being extremely easy to transport and set up. 




The Briggs Boom Range
Efficient, tough, reliable and surprisingly versatile, the modern Briggs range has been tried and tested by farmers, growers and groundsmen around the world.
All Briggs booms are manufactured in the UK to the same high standards and can be operated with almost any make and size hose reel.  Making them the perfect partner for our range of Marani Hard Hose Irrigators.
The Briggs Boom Range
Briggs booms are based either on a four-wheel chassis or on a three-wheel chassis which allows the whole boom to be transported on the hose reel. (Hose reel mounted).
The linear booms available through the Briggs range start from 18 metres right through to 90 metres.
The Briggs Boom Range
Despite their size, even the largest boom in the range can be extended to its full width by one person in just a few minutes, or packed for transport equally as quick.
The advantages of using boom irrigators are well document.  Compared with rainguns the improvement in uniformity and the fact that the soil seems to absorb the smaller droplets more easily means that less water is used.
The Briggs Boom Range
Other features include:
  • Booms are made from steel and are fully galvanised which ensures a long lifespan
  • All are easy to operate, can be folded by one person in just a few minutes for transport
  • Booms can be operated in conjunction with our range of Marani Hard Hose Irrigators

Why Briggs Booms?


  • Closely spaced nozzles plus low trajectory equals 90% uniformity, (even in quite windy conditions)
  • Benefits include savings in water and more even crop growth.

Soil Benefits

  • Controlling droplet size reduces risk of soil capping or ‘slumping’, compared with a raingun. 

Reduced Droplet Size

  • Nelson pressure regulated sprayjets allow the optimum droplet size to be selected for each type of crop.  For example, small droplets for leafy salads or larger droplets for root crops.

Less Energy needed

  • Booms operate at pressures ranging from just half that recommended for rainguns (2 - 3.5 bar compared to 4.5 - 5.0 bar).  So less pressure is needed all the way back to the pump, reducing input power costs.


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Briggs Boom Irrigators