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Marani has one of the largest specific ranges of poly reel irrigators available in all markets worldwide ranging from a 40mm to a 160mm machine.

Marani assemble and offers to their customers the fourth generation turbine system, providing excellent results even at very low pressures: 2-3 bars when using the spray boom and 5-6 bars when using the rain gun. 

The choke-flow turbine with built in bypass and flanged directly to a gearbox represents a significant advance in hose reel irrigators drive system and makes the system very reliable for a performance point of view.

The turbine is made with a special aluminium alloy and machined using automatic machine tools. The current turbine-gearbox system has eliminated the transmission belt and the external bypasses. 

The turbine is connected directly to the gearbox and the bypass is internal. This keeps the pressure absorption to a minimum, allowing the machine to run more smoothly.

Every machine is complete with its manuals and instruction stickers in many different languages, spare parts lists and performance sheets to make the end user run the machine very easily by themselves.

Why Marani Hard Hose Irrigators?

  • Fully Galvanized
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Extra durability

Fourth Generation Choke Flow

  • Lower pressure loss over turbine
  • More economical to run
  • Gives a wider speed control range
  • Direct coupled to gearbox


  • Manufactured to resist heavy drags 
  • Will work at high pressures


  • Retraction speed can be instantly read   out 

Drum Supports

  • Drums are supported by large water proof bearings increasing drum life
  • Hose Guide System – Scroll Bar
  • Guarantees a perfect layering of the PE hose
  • Reduces hose wear to a minimum


  • 3,4 & 6 Speed gearboxes
  • Ease of speed changing


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