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The Rainspan Boom Irrigator Range has evolved into the most reliable, strongest, efficient, useable, and boasts the largest range of boom irrigator’s on the Market.



  • On Board Hose Reel Perma-coupled hose makes it very easy to lay out hose and cable in the one operation
  • Gearbox for smooth safe operation specifically designed for Irrigators
  • New Generation Turbines that are the best in the industry. Each model has a Turbine specific for the Irrigator model
  • Reliable High volume Purge Pump
  • Boom lengths from 28m (38m wetted width) to 99m (119m wetted width)
  • Runs up to 600m
  • Towers: 2.2m to 3.5m
  • Auto stop



Each model has its own unique options but some of the standard options are: 

  • Speed controller computer. To control speed through run
  • Electronic Speed counter. Gives you an accurate travel speed of Irrigator
  • In Line Filter. Stops any large material that wont pass through the sprinklers
  • Remote Slew from Irrigator. 1000 & 2000 slews boom from Irrigator
  • Remote Slew From tractor. 350 & 550 slews boom from Tractor
  • Water Supply Shutdown. Stops water flow to boom
  • Pressure Sustaining Valve. Maintains pre set pressure to Irrigator
  • Flow Control Valve. Maintains pre set flow to Irrigator
  • Auto Boom Flush. First flush of boom
  • Tower Extension. For higher crops
  • Sprinkler Upgrades. Nutators, Spinners, Trash busters, I-Wob sprinklers available
  • End Guns. For extra width or uneven fields and corners
  • Flexible Sprinkler Drops. To lower sprinklers
  • Turf Tyre Upgrade. Wider and smoother for no tracks
  • Brake kit

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